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Basic Thermostats Functions

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Most homes have a thermostat that controls the heating and air conditioning. Understanding that your thermostat is a valuable item in your home is paramount. Seriously, it is the key to how much you pay for your energy.

Here are some basic features of a digital thermostat.

Mercury switch - a glass vial with a small amount of actual mercury inside. Mercury is a liquid metal — it conducts electricity and flows like water. Inside the glass vial are three wires. One wire goes all the way across the bottom of the vial, so the mercury is always in contact with it. One wire ends on the left side of the vial, so when the vial tilts to the left, the mercury contacts it — making contact between this wire and the one on the bottom of the vial. The third wire ends on the right side of the vial, so when the vial tilts to the right, the mercury makes contact between this wire and the bottom wire. 

Thermomoters is a component that exists , usually display on the cover. The other is on the top layer of the thermostat.

Bimetallic Strip

These thermostats are coiled bimetallic strips. Bimetallic strip is a piece of metal made by laminating 2 pieces of metal together.  The center of the coil is connected to the temperature lever, and the mercury switch is mounted to the end of the coil. So when the coil winds or unwinds, this tips the mercury switch one way or the other.

Non Digital Thermostat

In the older homes chances are the thermostats are not digital. This type of thermostats have 2 switches, these switches move metal balls that make contact between different traces on the circuit card inside the thermostats. One switch controls the heat/cool, the other controls the circulation fan.

Whew, thats the basics of the nomenclature and basic functions inside a thermostat. Yes, there are other types that is way beyond the focus of this article.

The purpose of this post is to let our reader know the basic functions of a thermostats. If you need one replace, you can have a certified hvac technician like Cool Ace Air do this. Again the point of this post is to give you some knowledge about thermostats when you’re talking to a tech. 

Ace Air Tune Up

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Getting your a/c tune up isn’t a hassle. Choose a good hvac company to come out and have it looked at. Preventive maintenance for your a/c goes a long way. Especially when you live in the hotter climate like Phoenix, AZ.

If you’re from the AZ area, highly suggest you check out

Upselling Your Service, Is That a Crime?


Is it unethical to upsell your product/service? Recently, Chris Hansen of Dateline NBC conducted a segment on scams in the home improvement industry. They wanted to see if the work was being done, and if the price of service is worth it.

There was a scene that showed an upsell on a semi rusted a/c capacitator. Ethically this is good business practice. The examples showed was weak in terms of severity of a scam. Feels like this first segment was an appetizer for the preceding worse scams to follow.

The point of this post is to make everyone aware in the home improvement industry. Technicians job from every industry is to upsell their service and products. How else will they make money? As a homeowner it is your right to agree or refuse the service if you don’t agree. If you are afraid of being had by a slick technicians, then bone up on some information about your appliances. Once you’ve been informed then it is up to you as the homeowner to agree or disagree. We would suggest that you talk to 3 technicians to get a feel for the possibility of the upsell on your air conditioner problem. If you’re from Phoenix, AZ contact Cool Ace Air, or just go to to find out more.

Basics of A/C Inspection

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Summer is almost here and it will be a hot one, especially if you’re from the southern states. This means its time to get your a/c service soon. We (Ace Air) want to share with you with somethings to do for basic service and what to expect when you call an A/C service technicians for a more thorough service.

- Inspect the blower fan best, if it is worn needs to be replaced.- Cooler pads, if its dirty it needs to be changed out. You could clean them yourself, but the cost is cheap, so why not get new ones.- Clean the water pan, as this the dirt from here can go through the pumps and clog things up, which results further internal problems.- Adjust water level to at least an inch above the pump inlet, this is just best practice.- Check the water supply piping to ensure there isn’t any breaks or leaks, otherwise have it replace.Ok, those are just the basics for your own a/c. For a more thorough a/c tune up inspection contact Ace Air, your air conditioning service experts, that is if you’re from the Phoenix area. 602-266-5223

Air Conditioning Capacitor


Whats the fuss about your air conditioner capacitor? Capacitors are electronic components that store electrical energy. The A/C capacitor provides voltage to help make the motor spin and this starts the air conditioner.

If a capacitor leaks oil or doesn’t hold a charge, it may need to be replaced. A compressor that hums but doesn’t start may also be a faulty capacitor. Modern A/C capacitors have a limited lifetime and often require replacement.

If your capacitor has rust on it, its still functional, but you may want to have it replace. Don’t try to replace the capacitor yourself, you need a certified air conditioning service technicians.

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Air Conditioning Service

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The problem with a/c is you don’t know if there are any internal damages after a hail storm.  You a/c may be working right now, but in a few days to a month can go kapoot! If you’re not a certified air conditioner technician, this will be tough. 

What is important is to have your a/c checked out every year. Little bit of spending (investment) will keep you a/c running smoothly year round. Its when you least expect it, when the a/c goes out.

Contact Ace Air for an a/c inspection, currently offer free hail damage inspectons. They provide air conditioning service for repairs, replacements, and tune ups. Not just provide the service, but uphold a high standards in technical and customer service. Ace Air is the air conditioning service of Phoenix. They are the best! 

Air Conditioning Tune Up

When you hear funny noises coming from your air condiitoner unit, its probably time to call Ace Air for an air conditioner tune up. You don’t want to get caught when the heat wave is coming.

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Air Conditioning Phoenix

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Most of homes in the hot climate obviously need an air conditioner to stay cool. If you’re from the Phoenix area. We recommend you look up Ace Air, they are a leader in providing air conditioning service in Phoenix.

Ace Air have been established since 1994, they are licensed and insured certified contractors that provides top quality workmanship serving residential and commercial customers. They are knowledgeable of heating, ventilation, cooling standards.

They offer 24 hour services, to help you when unexpected problems that comes up. Check them out at  or give them a call at 877-301-9259.